World Series 46 PREVIEW

アメリカで捕鯨が重要な産業だった時代。長い間ひきこもり中だった日本の家に、アメリカが向かう。 アメリカの近くで捕れる鯨の量が減ってしまったので、日本の家近くでの捕鯨許可と燃料補給港が欲しい上司の指示を受けて、日本と友達になりに来たのだ。か くして、黒船がやってきた!

Whaling was an important era in American industry. Japan's withdrawal was in the house for a long time, America is headed. Since the amount of fallen whale caught near the United States, under the direction of the port you want your boss to allow refueling of Japanese whaling near the house, they came to be friends with Japan. Thus, black ships arrived!

The times when it is the industry whose whaling is important in America. It pulls for a long time and is confined and America faces to the Japanese house which is in. America being soon, because the quantity of the whale which you can catch decreased, the Japanese house being soon, receiving whaling permission and the indication of the superior who wants the refueling port, it came to the appearance in Japan and the friend. Hiding, the black boat did!

Hetalia Wiki:
America decides to make friends with whales, but must convince Japan to come out of isolation first (Black Ships Have Come!).

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