Hetalia Translation #2 TRACK 3

Track 3: "The Town of Departure and the Lost Level 1"
Japan: I believe I saw a message from England now.

Germany: Speaking of, I've heard that England is also playing this game. But we need to focus on finding Italy now!
Where in the world could he be!?

Japan: Italy has not appeared in the chat nor sent either of us an e-mail.

Germany: There's a chance that he hasn't realized that he can use those features.

Japan: I believe that is a very valid possibility.

Germany: *sighs* ITALLLLYYYYYYYY!

*bell rings*

Narrator: Chapter 2 - "The Town of Departure and the Lost Level 1"

Italy Huh? Huh?? First, I get separated from Germany and Japan, and then I get politely rejected by those girls.
*cries* Germany, Germany! Japan, Japan!

Italy: I'm hungry but my fridge is empty. What should I do? I don't
really know how to play either. Oh well, I guess I'll just sleep for today! Sleepy time~!

Narrator: Oh, what's this? It seems that the Lvl. 1 Italy is still lost after being lead astray by a few girls.

Puffin: Hey! I smell them thataway!

Iceland: Go that way? No. Don't order me around.

*Puffin and Iceland argue*

Italy: Oh, isn't he one of the Nordics? There were five of them, I think. Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and...
Umm... Hmmm...


Italy: Oh, Iceland!

Narrator: After wandering around lost for a while, Italy meets up with the just as lost Iceland and his puffin,
Mr. Puffin!

Italy: Ciao, Iceland! I am so glad to see you, Iceland! Hey hey, I'm lost just like you! If you want, we can
group toge-

Iceland: I am not lost.

Italy: Woah, really? You looked like you were lost!

Iceland: I'm not. I'm just looking for a "The Maginificent and Enjoyable Tour through the Nordic Countries
(Iceland included)" pamphlet. Don't get in my way.

Puffin: *laughs* Why're you actin' all cool, ya lost pu-

*gets hit*

Puffin: CAW!

Iceland: Good-bye. Good luck finding your friends. Bye.

Italy: Ve.

Iceland: Hurry up, Puffin.

Puffin: Hmph! Ahh, whatever! I'll go along wit' ya!

Italy: Ahh, wait!

*runs over to Iceland*

Italy: Could you be...

Iceland: What is it? I'm in a hurry.

Italy: I know! You definitely have that look on you! Just wait here for a bit, okay?

Iceland: Huh?

*Italy runs off*

Iceland: What's with him?

Puffin: I dunno. Hey, ya think Denmark would act like that guy if ya got rid of his rudeness?

Iceland: No. You'd also need to get rid of a whole lot of other things like his ambition and licorice.
You'd also need to add something to.

*Italy comes back*

Italy: Tadah!

Iceland: What's with that shining piece of square food?

Italy: You're hungry, right? I just pressed the A button on a street stall and I could buy food! Isn't that a big discovery!?

Iceland: S-stupid. I know that much.

Italy: It's not stupid~. Here, for you!

System: Italy is offering to give Iceland "Sparkling Pescuettele". This item is very popular with females.

Iceland: I'm not really hungry. I even have some licorice to eat in front of my computer.

Italy: Vee. I-I see...

Iceland: But, I'll accept. If you're offering to give it to me, then I'll accept it.

System: Iceland has received "Sparkling Pescuettele"!

Italy: All right!

Iceland: What's with the "all right!"?

Puffin: Hey, bro! This guy's got a bit of a prob expressing his feelin's so just take that as a thank you!

Iceland: I have no such problem.

*Italy laughs*

Iceland: You're lost, right Italy? I know where the Information & Guide Center is so
would you like me to take you there?

Italy: Really? Yay! Grazie, Iceland!

Puffin: The Information & Guide Center!? Didn't you just say, "We can find the place without going to that place with all
the photos." a few minutes ago, ya punk!?

Iceland: Shut up.

Italy: V-vee~. I felt so helpless alone, but with the three of us, I feel so much more confident!

Iceland: You're including Puffin?

Puffin: Hehehe~! You're a real boss, bro!

Narrator: And thus, the two lost players, plus the puffin, embarked on a journey to find "The Information & Guide Center
for Lost Beginners".

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