Hetalia Fantasia 2 Translation #5 TRACK 6

Track 6: "The Cute Monsters Outside the Forest and The Lost Duo"
Narrator: Chapter 5 - "The Cute Monsters Outside the Forest and The Lost Duo"


Narrator: When we last left our lost duo they were headed to... Oh dear me! They seem to have ventured out of
the Town of Departure!

Puffin: Hey, hey! Wasn't the info center somewhere around thataway!?

Iceland: It's... this way... probably.

Italy: Oh?

*monster jumps*

Italy: Woow! Look, look, Iceland! Look at all of the cute critters!

*Iceland gasps as monsters jump*

Iceland: Well, they do seem cute enough.

Italy: Right? Isn't fantasy great? I'd be great if I could be surrounded by these cute little critters, some cute girls,
some pasta, more cute girls, and some pizza~!

Iceland: What is this? *moe spark*

Puffin: H-hey! I'm 110 times more cuter than those mugs, ya ungrateful punk!

Italy: I wonder if it's okay to click on it.

Iceland: It's okay... probably.


*Monster gets angry*

Iceland: Huh?

*Monster approaches*

Iceland: H-huh!?

Italy: Waaahhh! This was a monster!? That's so awful!

*Iceland falls*

Iceland: My leg... he grabbed my leg.

Puffin: Hey! I'm talkin' to you, rotten bastard! Let go of him, f%#&*^!

Italy: Waaaahhh! Let go of Iceland's leg!

*Monster gets angry*

Italy: Nothing's working! Do you know how to destroy this monster?

Iceland: D... D... Denmark always defeated any monster that appeared. O-oww.

Italy: Umm... Umm...Just wait. There has to be a button in this jumbled up mess that we can use! You look too, Iceland!


System: Iceland seems to have lost consciousness, both online and offline.


*pause then pointer sound effect*

Italy: There it is! There's the attack button!

Italy: Eat this! Italy Punch! Italy Kick! Boot-to-the-head Kick!

System: Adorapheign* takes 1 point of damage.

System: Adorapheign takes 1 point of damage.

System: Adorapheign takes 1 point of damage.

*Just a little monster name fun. Combination of Adorable and Feign. I used Phe because the first few letters of Phe in Pheromone have the
f sound. I know it's not the same sound but eh.

*scene change*

Player 1: Thanks to that bargain from before, we managed to get plenty of herbs cheap!

Player 2: Yup! It's really a pain to go into the Beginner's Town at our level... Hmm? Ohh!
That monster's got someone.

Iceland: Ah... Ah!

Italy: Just wait, Iceland! I'm alone, but I think I've gotten a little bit stronger!

*monster roars*

Italy: Wah, wah! He's too scary!

Iceland: Hey, let go of me! Let go of me, stupid!

*monster bonks Italy*


Players 1 & 2: Peaceful day, as always.

*monster roars*

*Italy screams like Romano*

Iceland: Help u-

*Monster gets blown away*

Italy: W-what!?

Iceland: That mountain just blew up.

Puffin: Damn, this is one bad mothershocker! I don't wanna fly away! Better hold on tight, punk!

Iceland: Don't... order me around. Ah!

*pause then after effects of mountain blow up technique*

*America weeps*

Germany: Did he just... blow up a mountain!?

Denmark: Woohoo! Awesomeeee! Encoreeeee!

Norway: Nice going with the cheats there.

America: What did you think of that?

Japan: It is very... big.

America: This was suppose to be a world destroying skill but I didn't want to crash the servers!

Japan: Do you feel better now, Mr. America?

America: A little.

Italy: Is it over? Vee... That was scary.

Iceland: Wait, that annoying and huge message box that appeared after the mountain blew up...

Puffin: Only one guy'd do that.

Italy: Ve?


Denway: Huh?

Iceland: Nore! Nore!

Italy: Huh, they're here!?

Iceland: Hurry up, Nore! My character's leg is hurt, and my back and finger in real life hurts too!


Italy: Vee... Oh!

*pause then music*

America: Thank you for looking at my skill, everyone. I'm gonna clear this dungeon by myself. Oh, this dungeon will be
playable to everyone in one week, so please try it out when you have the chance.

Japan: Mr. America...

America: Well then, Japan, I'm heading off. Also, if you can, it would be a big help if you could debug it.

Japan: oh, yes. I shall try.

America: Mm. Thank you. Well, see you...

*America walks off*

Japan: He has left.

Germany: We've seen a rare side of America.

Denmark: Ohhh, Ice! Ice! We finally found ya, Ice! We're here, Ice!

Norway: Thank goodness.

Iceland: Dan! Nore!



Iceland: *sighs* Where did you guys go? I thought you guys ditched me.

Denmark: Your older brothers were real worried about ya, Ice! I'm happy to see ya safe!

Norway: Are you hurt? I'll use a healing item on you now.

Iceland: U-uhhh... Don't treat me like a child.

Norway: Still a child.

Iceland: I am not!

Denmark: Ice is our little bro, y-*smack*

Norway: Hurry up and find Sverige and Finland, brother.

*Iceland laughs*

Italy: Germany, Germany! Japan, Japan!

Japan: Italy!

Italy: I'm so happy to see the two of you again!

Germany: Thank goodness. You worried us, Italy. Your HP seems to have taken quite a hit.

Italy: A monster appeared not too long ago. Hehe! Hooray! I almost thought we wouldn't meet again in-game!

Japan: If that were to happen, I would have flown to your home and guide you through the game.

Italy: *laughs* It really must be some amazing luck that you didn't go that far! Germany, Germany! Ahh!

Germany: Hmm? What's the matter?

Italy: Wow, your levels are so high! That's amazing!

Japan: Ah, well, this is... not unusual for me.

Germany: Before I realized it, my level skyrocketed.

Italy: Uhhbue...

Germany: Well, from now on I'll teach you the basics one at a time, and I'll support you in battle so don't let it bother you.

Japan: Indeed. I shall do all I can to aid you. Now the three of us can finally adventure together!

Italy: Mm! Thank you! I'm never gonna separate from the two of you again!

Narrator: And the trio was finally reunited. But Italy's adventure has just begun. Will he be able to do this?

*The End*

Narrator: Oh yeah, I wonder what happened to America after he entered that dungeon.

America: Ugh... I reached the exit but I'm not happy. The story I made for this dungeon, the graphics I made for this dungeon,
the music, and the mysteries of this dungeon were all so awesome, but I'm still not happy! Oh?

England: You're too slow, idiot!

America: Huh!?


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