I'm so bored, again ;D

Ahahha xD I'm bored again ;D This is funny, it is the same day P:

Loooook~ Cuteeeeee~~ they have sea captain clothes :3... I wonder where Iceland get that WHITE flag. And what is in Denmarks bag? Head? or, ugh... Something weird because he's Frances brother O.o And Norway you are just perfect as always ;D
First time, I am R-E-A-L-L-Y confused. Ahahah... Doitsu that is against the law. I just make some Parody of this picture... SOME: No, Ludi. You can't have both. Choose just One. They are too expensive. LUDI: But Mom~ I want both! I WANNA!!!! Poor Spain... Romano just exported right in front of his eyes xD

And this is my love~~ Seborga-kuun~~ And Stalker background...
Ugh... maybe Denmark really is Frances brother... Look, he's stalking England D8.


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