Hetalia Fantasia 2 Translation #1

Track 1: "Prologue"

Narrator: This is Hetalia Fantasia, a place where people from around the world can adventure in a beautiful world and experience
fairy tale-like adventures. It's still just a run of the mill MMO game, though. Today's story involves our usual cast of
characters gathered in this game.

America: Hetalia Fantasia is currently running a double exp event! Also, any monsters you destroy have a 25% chance of
dropping a colored hamburger! Collect all 7 rainbow burgers before the event ends!

Japan: Successfully collecting all 7 rainbow burgers will allow you to trade them for a bunny ears headband!

Germany: Seriously, who are you trying to appeal to here with this event!?

Everyone: Hetalia Fantasia 2!

Narrator: Now then, we begin our story in the very first town. Everyone seems to still be here. I wonder what they're doing?

Track 2 : "Chapter One - The Summoner Caught in a Trap and The Ultimate Gunner"

England: All right, 9 a.m on the dot! I'm first here again, I see. Can't say I'm surprised, though. Although, I don't
think he realizes that this is the 23rd time I've arrived first for these sort of things.

*England's Summon makes noises*

England: Is that for me? You're so adorable, you know?

*Summon makes happy noises*

Narrator: Chapter One - The Summoner Caught in a Trap and The Ultimate Gunner!

England: I'm only playing this game so much because I really do enjoy training and raising you!

*Summon noises*

England: I'm really proud seeing you this strong and big!

*Summon noises*

England: That's why...

*Summon ?*

England: You're not going to leave me, right!? You're not going to declare independence and do a Boston Tea Party
on me, right?! Right!? RIGHT!? RIGHT!?

*Summon is creeped out*

England: You would never do that to me, right?!

System: England is holding his Hetaeon tightly.

*Summon is choking*

England: Everything's all right, right? You'll always be by my side, right?!

System: England is holding his Hetaeon vehemently.

*Summon is dying*

America: Hey, England!

*England lets go and summon is almost dead*

America: Sorry I'm late! I'm late because I was adjusting the game system to increase my character's stats!

England: Cheater!

America: It's all right! I made sure to make my stats at mountain destroyer levels!

England: You're actually going to blow up the mountain in front of us, you bugger!?

*summon noise*

England: Still, the other three are pretty late. I'd expect this from France, but I'm surprised Russia and China
aren't here yet. If it's 9 here though, China's probably sleeping now.

America: There's no way they'd come if I didn't invite them to this place in the first place.

England: Huh?

America: Yup! I didn't invite them.

England: I don't want to hear what comes next. You're probably thinking of something bad, aren't you?

America: That's a big of course! Why do you think I only invited you?

England: You came here so that I can cast tie you up and force you to watch
"Do*beep -e Explorer" for 24 hours straight, right?

America: Ack, anything but that!

England: Good! America's Weakness #238: "Do*beep* -e Explorer".

America: Geez, you really are horrible, you know that?

America: *gets a mic* Testing 1, 2! *clears throat* I have a very important annoucement to make now, so listen

Engleon: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!

America: Ladies and gentleman!

England: Argh!

America: Yay, can you hear me, England?

England: You're breaking my eardrums, idiot!

America: I, America, challenge you, England! Let's duel, England! If you win, I'll make your stats just as high as mine!

England: Ahh... ummm... Why?

America: Because I want to.

England: I-I see...

*summon noise*

England: Wait, who the hell would accept a challenge like that!? Didn't you say that you increased your stats to
mountain destroyer levels!? If I accept, I'll die in one hit!

America: If you put your mind to it, you can do anything!

England: THAT'S NOT THE PROBLEM, YOU WANKER! I can't even kill a sl*beep* or a pix*beep* now!

America: Go for it!

England: Don't, "Go for it!" me! Rubbish to this! I'm not gonna participate in a contest with these ridiculous odds!
I'm logging out!


America: Ha ha ha! Sorry to disappoint you, but you can't log out now! If you log out now, all of "those" files and
"those" pictures on your computer will automatically be uploaded and posted on my homepage!

England: That's illegal! Wait, did you see anything!?

America: Ha ha ha! I never knew such embarrassing files existed!

England: Damn you...!

America: WHEEEE! Now I can duel you! May the best man win!

England: I am going to your house tomorrow morning and kicking your ass!


England: Ok, so I know what I get if I win, but what happens if I lose?

America: That's a good question... I'll think about it while we're dueling!

England: Screw tomorrow! How about I get on a jet and kick your ass now?!

*summon noise*

America: Okay, let's go!

England: Damn it! BLOODY IDIOTTTT!

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