Im so bored xD


I haven't write here, long time ;D
But yeah, bored, bored, bored xD

Episode 95 was beautiful, luv it :3

Himaruy's blog is awesome ;D I Found beautiful picture ;D
Denmark is so cute~~<3<3 I love him :3

I wonder, when he show up in anime... I mean, when he talk on anime ;D I mean, he is already talk, but... HE JUST LAUGH D8 Wanna hear his beautiful voice xD
-----> HETALIA FANTASIA 2 <-----
But yeah yeah, you guys know what I mean ;D, right?

France has GIVE UP! It's a mirragle!

 And here we have brothers xD. Seriously. Is Denmark really France's brother ;O. I mean, Denmark isn't perverd xD... Or is he O_o. I think I don't wanna know that ;D

<----- Look that picture! France has give up! And winner is Denmark!!! *fan girl scream*
Ah, beautiful reunion between brothers...

Denmark, you're France's brother, be proud ;D
and strong... and don't be afraid if France is little... well you guys know what I MEAN!!!
GOOD LUCK! You really need it ;D

Awww~ and here we are New Zealand ;D Isn't he cutie :3 He has sheeps ;3 and they are really cutes ;D..... Are those eye brows from England! OMG! THEY SPREAD LIKE PLAGUE!!! <--- I'm sorry.................. But yeah, seriously. How many Eye Brows dude we have... Let's count! Um... England, Sealand, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, WY.... OMFG! New Clan xD
OMFG! They have no pants D8! O, wait a minute. Ah! Yes, they have ;D Can I ask something? ;O Is England drunk again? And Japan... Aww~ You take this way too seriously ;D. But back to England! What's with that pose ;D. I have nothing against it, I LOVE IT ;DDDD
I really, REALLY! Wanna see that movie ;D Those outfits are so COOL! Look at England ;D He looks like Ferrar driver ;D and France :3 PINK~<3<3 Poland #2 ;D And then, America... BADASS~ he looks so seriously ;D. China has panda :3 and Russia.... um... Russia... is cute ;D
If that is Iceland... HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE NOSEBLEED XDDD. That cat :3 Awww~ So small :3 Whole man is cute ;D Luuuv him, and his brother.... NORU~KUUN~~
But yeah ;D I was bored ;D

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