Okay, okay.... here this out guys... Somebody told me(you have a boy friend)....
Anyways, somebody says to me, that France have a brother.... And I bet YOU don´t wanna know who is it :D But I tell it anyway...
------------------->Denmark is Frances BROTHER!!! OMFG! <-------------------
I can´t believe this! How this can be possible xD Well... Utilising their great skills in shipbuilding they raided and conquered parts of France and the British Isles. But they also excelled in trading along the coasts and rivers of Europe, running trade routes from Greenland in the north to Constantinople in the south via Russian rivers. The Danish Vikings were most active in Britain, Ireland and France and they raided, conquered and settled parts of England (their earliest settlements included sites in the Danelaw, Ireland and Normandy). <----Still.... I just don´t get it. This was a Shock :o

I made Star Wars parody of France and Denmark xD
Wanna hear...
Denmark: You kill my brother!
France: No, Denmark. I am your brother.


But yeah, this was todays shock :DDD

-BW :3

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