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Thank you!!!!
My Hetalia 2011 Calendar is here :D Finally....

Hetalia 2011 Calendar!
This is the first page for
January and February.
(Left to right: Japan, N.Italy and
This is the second page for
March and April.
(Left to right; up: Austria, Hungary.
down; Holy Roman Empire, Chibitalia)
This is the third page for
May and June.
(Left to right; Sealand, Sweden
Finland, Iceland, Puffin on
Iceland's head and Japan.)
This is the fourth page for
July and August.
(Left to right; Spain, Prussia and
This is the fifth page for
September and October.
(Left to right; England and America)
And this is the final page.
(Left to right. Up; Russia and France.
Middle; Germany, England and America
Down: N.Italy, Japan and China.)

And now I say; I love this calendar xD
Funny pictures, BTW my birthday is on April <---- GYAAH<3 HRE!!! :3
 -BW :3

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