Romania and other stuff 8D

Hey! I'm little bit late, but Himaruya has new Hetalia character :D
Romania! Aww, he's so cute >w< (in volume 4)
Like a vampire... (maybe...) but srsly. SO CUTE! >///////<
I love his hat :3 (random...?)

then we have another new character too 8D
It's... wha---?
Ma-Macau..? yeah Macau 8D
(never heard xD) and he look like Sweden ;O

Also. there is more new characters, example; Mongol, Sachsen, Bayern, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Ghana and Cyprus (and believe me, they're all boys :D)
I think we need more girls... or whatever 8D

Uhh~ and then... I have a question?
What is this DARK HETALIA *DOOOM* xD
I mean, I don't have anything against it, 'cause look!

am I only one who thinks N.Italy is freaking hot in that *o*
but yeah, what is DARK HETALIA *DOOM*



  1. I think Mongol isn't that new character... He has been sketched long time ago D:

    But do you know anywhere where to look up the pictures of all of those new characters (expect romania and macau, of course XD)?

  2. He has? Woah, I didn't know xD (thanks for telling me ;P)

    Ummm, here is one http://static.zerochan.net/full/22/10/663022.jpg

    but the pictures are so small D;
    but I hope you can see them there (or something) :D

    Thank you for the comment :3

  3. I have heard of Dark hetalia and I like Italy that way!