Well... this is pretty... awkward .////////////////////////.

So let's get to the point ;)

I am so so so so so so so so sorry D: Too busy.... yes. Like 9th grade at school and it's all about tests... then my singing courses and drama classes and everything is just a freaking mess, if I can say....

So here is like very short time, news... which are pretty... Okay, honestly I am so confused right now about Hetalia... so maybe I am mistaken about these... but let's see...


So... DenDen (Denmark) got a name... :) I am so happy. It's Matthias (Mathais) Køhler. Cute? Hell yeah!

03/02 - Manga Vol. 4 to be Released in Poland
02/16 - Upcoming Merchandise - Mochi Plushies, Germany Travel Book, Artestella Piccolo
02/15 - Taiwan Character Song Announced
02/14 - Hong Kong's Song Available for Purchase (Japan Only)
02/04 - German Manga Version Release Date Announced
01/31 - Hong Kong Character Song Announced2
01/27 - New School Calendar + New Character Song Series Announced
01/17 - FUNimation: Message from Char + Contest Announcement
01/14 - New GE Animation Merchandise - Russia Plush, Car Pillow
01/11 - FUNimation: Axis Powers Hetalia Complete Series Box Announced
01/03 - FUNimation: More New World Series Clips

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