My humor is... xD

Okay okay... umm.... You guys know that Finland's dogs name is Hanatamago :D In finnish it's Kukkamuna... well... you guys (maybe) know this song:

Marukaite Chikyuu in finnish (Pyörivä maapallo)

Well, there Finland sing; "Kukkamuna! Tässä, ota namu." (in english. "Hanatamago! Here take a snack.")
Well I always ALWAYS heard, that Finland sing "Kukkomuna! Tässä, ota namu." (in english. "Cockegg! Here take a snack.")

...Yeah.... I don't get it :DDDD It's so lovely to be Finnish :P

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  1. *Gasp* You're Finnish. I just have the Finnish lyrics for the song, but not the translations. I want to learn the language, but my plate's a little full with Spanish, French, and German. Plus my friends keep stuffing Italian, Chinese, and Japanese down my throat... Not to mention my family's constant use of Tagalog (though I think that's given ^^;;).
    ANYWAYS! I kind of want to learn Finnish... But it seems hard.